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  1. How can I join the theatre’s email list to be notified when shows are announced?
    [showhide type=”post1″ more_text=”Show Answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Please CLICK HERE to join our email list.[/showhide]
  2. How frequently will you email me?
    [showhide type=”post2″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Generally, our emails are sent once a week, unless there is a major announcement.[/showhide]
  3. Will my private and personal information be safe from third parties?
    [showhide type=”post3″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] The Zeiterion Theater respects the private and personal nature of information collected in the normal course of business and ticket sales. We will not sell, exchange, trade or provide your name, address, telephone numbers or email addresses to any third party. We will take adequate measures to prevent the theft, loss or misuse of your personal information.[/showhide]
  4. How do I become a member of The Zeiterion Theatre?
    [showhide type=”post4″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Your membership is vital to our theatre and helps sustain us in a number of ways. It also helps us to continue to bring outstanding performances to our area and makes many of our outreach programs possible. Please click here to find out about membership costs and benefits – you can become a member online or call our Box Office at 508-994-2900.[/showhide]
  5. How can I give a donation to the theatre?
    [showhide type=”post5″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] A donation to the theatre can be handled by calling 508-997-5664 ext 22, or online by clicking here.[/showhide]
  6. How can I become an usher volunteer?
    [showhide type=”post6″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] To inquire about volunteering as an usher or to assist in our administrative offices, please send an email to info@zeiterion.org or call our Front of House Manager at 508-997-5664 ext. 123.[/showhide]
  7. Is the theater available to rent for a show or function
    [showhide type=”post7″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] To inquire about rental information, rates and availability, please call 508-997-5664 ext 114.[/showhide]


  1. How can I purchase a ticket?
    [showhide type=”post8″ more_text=”Show Answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] The Zeiterion Theater maintains its own Box Office in the theater lobby where tickets can be purchased in person or by phone Tues-Fri 10 to 5 and Saturday 10-3. The Box Office is also open 2 hours prior to show time on performance days through intermission. Tickets can also be purchased 24/7 through the Zeiterion website by clicking on the Events page. Convenience fees apply to phone and online orders.[/showhide]
  2. Do you sell gift certificates?
    [showhide type=”post9″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Yes, Z gift certificates are available to purchase online, by phone or in person at the box office in increments of $10, $25 and $50 (or a combination) and can be used to purchase tickets to any Z performance. New Bedford Symphony Orchestra, New Bedford Festival Theatre, Rentals and concessions purchases are not applicable. [/showhide]
  3. What about others websites that have your tickets for sale, should they be trusted?
    [showhide type=”post10″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] The Zeiterion does not allow sales of their tickets through any other website or ticket brokers. You will always find the legitimate lowest price ticket through The Z Box Office.[/showhide]
  4. Where can I see a seating chart of the theatre?
    [showhide type=”post11″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Click here.[/showhide]
  5. How many rows are in the theatre and what are the seats like?
    [showhide type=”post12″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] There are thirty rows from front to back with no balcony. These rows are separated into four sections, Left, Left Center, Right Center and Right. The seats in rows N-EE in the two center sections are slightly larger, sit lower to the floor, rock slightly and have a bit more leg room.[/showhide]
  6. Am I eligible for discounted tickets?
    [showhide type=”post13″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Seniors 65 and over, military personnel and children 12 and under are eligible for $3.00 off per ticket. Groups of 10 or more are also eligible for discounts and other discounts may be available, contact Group Sales at 508-997-5664 ext 123 or info@zeiterion.org for more information.[/showhide]
  7. What does “will call” mean?
    [showhide type=”post14″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Will call means that your tickets will be held at the theatre and can be picked up before the performance at the will call window, located outside on the sidewalk before you enter the lobby.[/showhide]
  8. My tickets are for seats 2 and 4 – are those seated together?
    [showhide type=”post15″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Yes they are seated together – in theatre, the right side of the house is organized in even numbers and the left side in odd numbers.[/showhide]
  9. Does my child/infant need a ticket?
    [showhide type=”post16″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Every person attending a performance is required to purchase a ticket, including babes in arms. This allows us to keep track of the number of people at an event in case of emergency. Most shows are appropriate for children 4 and up, please check with our Box Office if you have a question regarding a particular performance. If a child is acting in such a way as to distract other patrons or the performers, we ask that the accompanying adult escort the child out of the venue until it is appropriate to re-enter.[/showhide]
  10. How can I purchase tickets for wheelchair seating?
    [showhide type=”post17″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Seating in our wheelchair section must be purchased by visiting or calling our Box Office at 508-994-2900, these seats cannot be reserved or purchased online. This way, we can guarantee this seating for those patrons who require it.[/showhide]
  11. Why am I asked to pay a processing and/or convenience fee?
    [showhide type=”post18″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Processing and convenience fees are standard in the performing arts industry, but since the Zeiterion handles ticket sales independently, our fees are much lower than the average fee you’ll find with theatres using third party ticketing companies. A $5.00 processing fee will be added to every order, whether purchased online, by phone or at the Box Office. This fee is NOT per ticket, it is on the overall order. A $3.50 per ticket convenience fee will be added to every order purchased online or by phone. You are not charged this per ticket fee when purchasing in person at the Box Office. These fees help to cover the cost of operating the theatre, including administrative and box office staffing, computer and telephone systems, utilities and supplies.[/showhide]
  12. Can I print my show tickets from home?
    [showhide type=”post19″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] At this time, the print at home feature is not available but we do hope to offer that in the near future.[/showhide]
  13. I lost my tickets! What do I do?
    [showhide type=”post20″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Our Box Office has a record of all purchases, so there is no need to worry – simply contact us at 508-994-2900 to arrange for a ticket reprint.[/showhide]
  14. If I have tickets I can’t use, can I get a refund?
    [showhide type=”post21″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds for tickets purchased. If you are unable to attend a performance for which you have tickets, please consider giving those tickets to a friend or family member. If that is not possible, as a not-for-profit organization The Z will accept your tickets up to 48 hours prior to curtain call as a tax-deductible donation. Please be sure to mark your tickets as “donated” and retain them for your records.[/showhide]
  15. Can I exchange my tickets to a different performance?
    [showhide type=”post22″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Unfortunately, The Z has a no exchange policy.[/showhide]
  16. What if the theater has to cancel a show?
    [showhide type=”post23″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] In the rare event that The Z cancels a show, all patrons will be contacted with information regarding refunds.[/showhide]
  17. Does the Zeiterion have a foul weather policy?
    [showhide type=”post24″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] The safety of our patrons, casts, and staff is very important to us. While we rarely cancel a performance due to inclement weather, the possibility does exist that a show may have to be postponed or canceled. Please contact the Box Office to get the most up to date information at 508-994-2900.If we make the decision to cancel a performance, the theatre will post a cancellation notice in the following places:

    • The Box Office Phone line (508-994-2900) will be changed to provide notice of a cancellation.
    • Our Website: We will post a notice on our Events & Tickets as soon as we can.
    • Email: If we have your email address, we’ll send notice via email.
    • Phone: We will make our best effort to call as many patrons with tickets for a cancelled performance as we can. This is also why it is important for us to have a daytime as well as an evening phone number in our system.
    • Radio: We’ll call into WBSM-AM 1420 to announce any snow closings.


  1. How do I get to the theatre, and where can I park?
    [showhide type=”post25″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Directions to the theatre can be found here. Event parking is available in the Zeiterion Parking Garage, adjacent to the theatre. The driveway entrance is located at the back of the building on Acushnet Ave. The garage is well lit and security enforced, with handicapped parking and elevators on all levels. On-street surface parking, where available, is free.[/showhide]
  2. How early should I arrive for a show?
    [showhide type=”post26″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Our Box Office and lobby open 2 hours before show time on performance days. Theatre seating usually begins 30-45 minutes before show time.[/showhide]
  3. Does the theatre have a dress code?
    [showhide type=”post27″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] There is no set dress code for the theatre, but most patrons dress casually.[/showhide]
  4. Is there a coat check at the theatre?
    [showhide type=”post28″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Our Z Member Lounge does offer our members a coat check option, among other benefits. Find out how to become a Z Member here![/showhide]
  5. Will I be able to purchase food and drinks in the lobby?
    [showhide type=”post29″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] The Z has a concession area that offers a full bar with soda, water, beer, wine and top shelf spirits. Candy is also for sale, but no other food is available. Patrons are allowed to bring food and drink purchased at the concession area into the theater. Cash and credit cards are accepted.[/showhide]
  6. Will I be able to buy a CD or merchandise from the show?
    [showhide type=”post30″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Merchandise is available on a show to show basis, depending on the artist. Credit cards are not always accepted, so it’s a good idea to bring cash for merchandise purchases.[/showhide]
  7. Can I bring my camera?
    [showhide type=”post31″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] In accordance with the requests of most artists, our policy prohibits cameras, sound recorders and video equipment at performances. On the rare occasion when an artist suspends this policy, notice will be given via signage in the lobby and/or a pre-show announcement.[/showhide]
  8. Does the theatre provide assistive listening devices?
    [showhide type=”post32″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] The Z has a limited number of assistive listening devices. Please visit the Box Office to inquire about availability. You will be asked to leave your driver’s license as a deposit when requesting use of a device.[/showhide]
  9. Can I bring my cell phone in case of an emergency?
    [showhide type=”post33″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Cell phones are allowed in the theatre, but we ask that patrons put them on silent mode and refrain from taking them out during the performance, as not to disturb the patrons sitting around them.[/showhide]
  10. Can I use my cell phone to text or tweet during a show?
    [showhide type=”post34″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] The backlight of many cellphones are a distraction to other patrons, so we ask that you refrain from texting or tweeting during a performance.[/showhide]
  11. What can I do if someone seated near me is loud or interfering with my enjoyment of the show?
    [showhide type=”post35″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Please contact a uniformed usher, they are stationed throughout the house during the performance. They can speak to the offending party or ask the House Manager to do so. If an usher isn’t readily available, please visit our lobby or Box Office and a staff member will assist you.[/showhide]
  12. Does the theater have first aid in case of an emergency?
    [showhide type=”post36″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Please speak with the House Manager or any usher if you are in need of medical care. There are first aid kits in areas throughout the theatre and we always have a member of the fire department on hand for medical emergencies.[/showhide]
  13. I left a personal item at the theater; will I ever see it again?
    [showhide type=”post37″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Please check with the House Manager before leaving the theatre if you have misplaced an item. Our Box Office can be also be contacted in the days following the performance in the event the item was placed in our Lost and Found. The Zeiterion is not responsible for lost or stolen items.[/showhide]
  14. Is there an ATM at the theater?
    [showhide type=”post38″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] At this time, The Zeiterion does not have an ATM on the premises. There is a local bank just outside that has a 24 ATM machines.[/showhide]
  15. Where can I go for help when at the theater?
    [showhide type=”post39″ more_text=”Show answer…” less_text=”Hide answer…”] Whether you need advice about a great local restaurant, directions to the highway or have questions about our beautiful theatre, all our staff are here to assist you. Please visit our Box Office, which is located inside the lobby, and our box office staff will be happy to answer your questions or locate the House Manager or Production Director in order to assist you. If you need immediate assistance while inside the House, please locate a uniformed usher, they will be stationed at the top of the aisle and at the doors leading into the lobby.[/showhide]